FoodForward SA distributed over 4,350,000 kilograms of food in 2016. We assists hundreds of verified NPOs across the country that feed hundreds of thousands of people daily. We facilitate the provision of 14,500,000 meals annually. The cost per meal is only R 0,86, a cost-effective solution to the problem of hunger. This cost-effective solution to hunger can improve health and education, as well as reduce crime and unemployment. The provision of food to organisations such as youth centres, training centres, orphans and vulnerable children, rehab centres, and childcare facilities allows them to focus their time on the important work that they do. The support not only helps to ease hunger, but enables the sick to safely take their medication, and helps to nurture young minds by providing children with the energy to grow, learn and work towards a brighter future. It costs just R25 to feed a person for a month.
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The impact of COVID-19 will undoubtedly unleash a food security crisis that will be deeply felt in poor communities across South Africa for months to come. The millions of people that rely on a daily / weekly income from the construction industry, the informal economy, small businesses etc. will be severely affected. How and what we eat affects our well-being. Therefore, creating better access to food for the poor is critical in the coming months.


In partnership with our various stakeholders, FoodForward SA is committed to scaling up so that households in vulnerable communities receive proper food provisions. Thank you to all our food and financial donors for your generosity and for caring enough to make a difference.


Our Foodbanking model ensures that the provision of one meal costs only R0,85, making our model the most affordable food security solution, while allowing every R1 to go further.


We need your help! Please support our R50mn special appeal so that we have the ability to intensify our efforts and reach as many households as possible.

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Covid-19 Appeal update from our Managing Director, Andy Du Plessis.

We are making progress towards our R50 million target (financial, food and critical non-food donations). Thank you to all the donors who have donated so far!


Financial Donations






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FoodForward SA implements a cost-effective model to address the problem of hunger across South Africa, and is also an effective environmental solution.
14 million South Africans go hungry every day,
while a further 14 million are at risk.
Stunting (children with low height for age) is
alarmingly high in South Africa – 27%.
Stunting undermines our children’s ability to grow and
develop to reach their full potential.
Too many children and young people are not eating the diet they need.
Unhealthy foods are cheaper than healthy and nutritious food,
which the poor can’t afford.
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Second Harvest
Second Harvest, launched in mid-2018, is our programme that recovers edible surplus
food from farmers and growers while they harvest. Second Harvest is a response to the
more than 50% of all edible agricultural production being wasted because of stringent
specification requirements, cold-chain and processing inadequacies, as well as poor
access to markets.
Warehouse Foodbanking
Although the past year has been a tough trading environment
for our partners, food sourcing efforts have improved thanks to
good engagement with several stakeholders in the supply chain.
Our nutritious food percentage is increasing steadily thanks to an
increase in fresh produce due to our Second Harvest programme
initiated in 2018. We welcome new partners on board, including
Woolworths, Tiger Brands, Spar, Clover, FG La Pasta, Mass Mart, and
several commercial farmers who regularly donate fresh fruit and
Mobile Rural Depots
More than half of South Africa’s population lives in poverty, with abject poverty more prevalent in rural communities. Rural communities are generally under served and also ironically, have fewer opportunities to source nutritious food. Persistently hungry children cannot grow, learn and develop optimally; and chronically hungry youth and adults cannot contribute productively to our economy.
An Urban Food Security Solution that benefits Vulnerable Rural Communities
The FoodShare digital platform, launched in 2017, is FoodForward
SA’s scaled tech solution designed to increase the amount of surplus food
that can be recovered. Typically, the foodbanking model is a major
logistical operation involving the collection, sorting, storage
and distribution of surplus food from food donors to beneficiary
organisations (BOs). FoodShare uses virtual technology to
harness more surplus food by connecting retail stores and food
outlets with local BOs for the daily collection of surplus food.
FoodShare is implemented nationally, and includes distant rural
areas, allowing for greater access to food for the poor.
Breakfast Programme
Now in its 6th year, the Kellogg's Breakfast for Better Days
campaign focusses on primary and secondary school children.
FoodForward SA is the implementing partner in South Africa and
today the partnership provides nutritious meals to 35,000 learners
across 48 schools nationally. Learners receive cereal and milk
at the start of the day, allowing them to stay focussed for the
school day.
Youth Internship
More than 50% of our youth are unemployed. To stem the tide of youth
unemployment, and remove the huge barrier to entry for the disadvantaged
youth in the supply chain, FoodForward SA launched our very own accredited
Supply Chain Youth Internship.
Launched at the beginning of 2019, our inaugural Supply Chain Youth Internship
Programme (YIP) recruited 5 unemployed matriculants with little or no work
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Our Beneficiary Organisations

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Turfhall Cheshire Home

FoodForward SA recently paid a visit to one of our beneficiary organisations in the Western Cape, Turfhall Cheshire Home in Lansdowne, to see how the impact of our food support is making a difference. The organisation provides residential care and accommodation for approximately 62 profoundly disabled adults from all across the Western Cape. Turfhall Cheshire…

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Our October edition of the BO feature takes us on a journey to the impoverished township of Khayelitsha, Cape Town where one of our registered beneficiary organisations, The Missionaries of Charity, is situated. The Missionaries of Charity is a Catholic congregation that was founded in 1950 by Mother Theresa and is currently operating in 139…