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The Repurpose the Surplus campaign aims to educate the public about surplus foods, change the perception of food waste and raise awareness of South Africa’s food insecurity crisis and what we can do to address it. In South Africa, an estimated 10 million tons of food is lost or wasted every year, while approximately 30 million people have no regular access to enough safe and nutritious food.

Every day, FoodForward SA provides wholesome meals to more than 950 000 people in disadvantaged communities across the country. Our reliable, sustainable food distribution model (known as foodbanking) alleviates hunger while reducing the environmental impact of food loss & waste by collecting quality donated, within-date, surplus food from farmers, manufacturers, and retailers to feed vulnerable communities. Read More


The donation of surplus food is a critical solution to address food loss and food insecurity. During April and May 2022, we conducted two surveys with 60 food businesses within the network of the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA).

1   Food safety for food donations

2   Liability protection for food donors.

In addition to creating awareness about surplus foods, we are aiming to influence the implementation of a food donation policy in South Africa. We have been working closely with the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa, The Global Foodbanking Network, and the Harvard Law school food policy clinic on draft recommendations for a policy.

We have drawn up a petition for a food donations policy to end hunger in South Africa and hoping to have 100 000 signatures for it to be considered in parliament.

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