Tiger Brands provides support to FoodForward SA

FoodForward SA would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to Tiger Brands for the company’s contribution to feeding hungry South Africans.

Tiger Brands, one of FoodForward SA’s supporters and the much-loved South African food provider, is not holding back when it comes to helping the needy and feeding the hungry.

Nearly ‘10 tons’ donated

Tiger Brands contributes tremendously towards the long-term sustainability of FoodForward SA. Since March 2017, they have generously donated 9,2 tons of food, allowing us to facilitate the provision of 37,194 meals to people in need.

The food donated to FoodForward SA from Tiger Brands is distributed to disadvantaged South Africans around the country. The aim is to enrich these individuals’ lives as well as decrease the poverty rate in South Africa.

We would like to convey our appreciation to Tiger Brands for their support and ongoing backing to keep hunger at bay amongst South Africa’s vulnerable and food-insecure citizens.

Tiger Brands is one of South Africa’s largest and most successful food producers. The company’s history spans over 90 years, in which they have made a substantial contribution to society, are ensuring a brighter South Africa for the next generation.

FoodForward SA would like to thank Tiger Brands for their on-going support, which makes it possible for us to continue with our vision of reducing hunger in South Africa in a cost-effective manner for all.