FoodBank SA is spreading its support into the Free State

FoodBank SA is excited to announce further expansion as we are now spreading our support into the Free State.

FoodBank SA is partnering up with Anchor of Hope, which is an existing food and clothing bank which supports over 3,700 beneficiaries in Bloemfontein and surrounds monthly.

Who is Anchor of Hope?

Anchor of Hope is a registered NPO whose aim is the spiritual and social upliftment of all in need. Anchor of Hope is currently distributing 7,000 pieces of clothing and 6 tons of maize meal per month to their beneficiaries from the surrounding areas. The organisation also collects and distributes toys to the children who visit the organisation to collect their food and clothing. The beneficiaries receiving assistance in the form of food and clothing from Anchor of Hope live in squatter’s camps, townships, cities and rural areas in the Free State and parts of the Northern Cape.

FoodBank SA is looking forward to working with Anchor of Hope in sourcing additional quality food, toiletries and detergents for Anchor of Hope’s beneficiaries as well as increasing the number of people receiving support in the Free State and beyond.

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