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Why I Volunteer

Mr.Ramasenya Thomas Meso is one of FoodForwardSA regular individual volunteers at our Johannesburg warehouse. He shares with our colleague, Sinethemba Daka, his “Why I volunteer” story. Sinethemba Daka (SD): Mr Meso, tell us when and why you started volunteering at FoodForward SA. RM: I read… Read More »Why I Volunteer

A Day in the Life of a Beneficiary Organisation Co-ordinator

Our Beneficiary Organisation (BO) Co-ordinators play a critical role in ensuring that surplus food donated from the supply chain for re-distribution to beneficiary organisations does not get misused. We recently accompanied Bukhosi, one of our BO Co-ordinators, to understand why monitoring and evaluation of BOs… Read More »A Day in the Life of a Beneficiary Organisation Co-ordinator


NO WINNERS. ONLY MORE LOSERS AS ACCESS TO FOOD, VITAL SERVICES, EDUCATION ARE CUT OFF The Western Cape taxi strike that started on Thursday 3 August, marred by violence and intimidation, is having a widespread, devastating impact across the city, as access to food, vital… Read More »TAXI STRIKE MAYHEM: