FoodForward SA distributed over 4,350,000 kilograms of food in 2016. We assists hundreds of verified NPOs across the country that feed hundreds of thousands of people daily. We facilitate the provision of 14,500,000 meals annually. The cost per meal is only R 0,86, a cost-effective solution to the problem of hunger. This cost-effective solution to hunger can improve health and education, as well as reduce crime and unemployment. The provision of food to organisations such as youth centres, training centres, orphans and vulnerable children, rehab centres, and childcare facilities allows them to focus their time on the important work that they do. The support not only helps to ease hunger, but enables the sick to safely take their medication, and helps to nurture young minds by providing children with the energy to grow, learn and work towards a brighter future. It costs just R25 to feed a person for a month.
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  • Consol strives to recycle sustainably with FoodForward SA

    The glass manufacturer’s recycling and sustainability strategies continue to minimise South Africa’s carbon footprint. Consol Glass has made a commitment to the sustainable use of limited resources and the responsible recycling of re-usable materials to minimise its carbon footprint. This pledge has had a positive impact on the company and its employees, encouraging Consol to […]

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  • A Day in the life of a Beneficiary Organisation co-ordinator

    There are many steps and hurdles the FoodForward SA team faces when dealing with beneficiary organisations. Find out how they vet and ensure compliance of their beneficiary organisations. The process of assessing beneficiary organisations (BOs) is an ongoing challenge for FoodForward SA. However, a stringent vetting process is necessary to ensure that food is being […]

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  • Join the FoodForward SA food recovery revolution

    Together with FoodForward SA, you can make a real difference in the lives of hungry South Africans – starting with addressing the food habits in your home. In South Africa, 10 million tonnes of food go to waste every year. This means that a third of all food produced is never consumed and ends up […]

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  • Turfhall Cheshire Home and FoodForward SA support a community in need

    FoodForward SA and the Turfhall Cheshire Home bring hope to people with physical disabilities. When it first opened its doors on 10 November 1984, the Turfhall Cheshire Home had a defined objective in mind – to assist people with disabilities, regardless of their colour, race or creed, by providing the conditions necessary for their physical, […]

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  • Meet Mama Gloria, the founder of Khumbulani Education Centre

    A network of support  Mama Gloria founded and continues to grow the Khumbulani Education Centre, feeding more and more hungry children along the way. Khumbulani Education Centre is a registered non-profit organisation, which operates in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. It was founded in 2000 by nine women from the area, who wanted to take action against […]

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  • FoodForward SA takes on the challenge of food waste

    What you need to know about waste, its impact on people and the planet, and how FoodForward SA is playing a key role in addressing this dilemma through food rescue. South Africa currently produces the 15th highest amount of trash every day at 54 425 tonnes, according to the World Bank. But the amount of waste […]

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  • FoodForward SA joins forces with Knorr to transform virtual shares into real meals

    In an effort to raise mass awareness about the problem of food insecurity in South Africa, FoodForward SA joined forces with Knorr by launching the #ShareAMeal social media campaign that went viral. For every Facebook post or tweet that was posted with the hashtag, #ShareAMealSA, Knorr and FoodForward SA donated a real meal to feed […]

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  • Thank you Old Mutual for all your support

    FoodForward SA is grateful for the regular donations they received from Old Mutual’s staff over the years. Thank you to Old Mutual and its employees for their continued support year after year, which has helped to fund our Beneficiary Organisation sponsorship programme. In 2016, Old Mutual donated R1 million in support of Beneficiary Organisations partnering […]

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  • FoodForward SA walks hand in hand with Bet Sheekoom

    Supporting women in need, FoodForward SA donates food to the PE based women’s shelter, Bet Sheekoom. Bet Sheekoom is a women in crisis shelter based in Port Elizabeth that receives support and food donation from FoodForward SA. This shelter was founded by Gary and Shelley Koekemoer in 2004 and started out assisting commercial sex workers […]

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  • FoodForward SA is enabling Women of Vision to further its reach

    The home supports and nurtures vulnerable, high-risk South Africans that can’t afford to feed themselves. Women of Vision was founded on the 16th December 1996 when a group of women in the Westbury community came together to support those who couldn’t care for themselves. The Women of Vision aimed to restore dignity and respect amongst […]

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