FoodForward SA distributed over 4,350,000 kilograms of food in 2016. We assists hundreds of verified NPOs across the country that feed hundreds of thousands of people daily. We facilitate the provision of 14,500,000 meals annually. The cost per meal is only R 0,86, a cost-effective solution to the problem of hunger. This cost-effective solution to hunger can improve health and education, as well as reduce crime and unemployment. The provision of food to organisations such as youth centres, training centres, orphans and vulnerable children, rehab centres, and childcare facilities allows them to focus their time on the important work that they do. The support not only helps to ease hunger, but enables the sick to safely take their medication, and helps to nurture young minds by providing children with the energy to grow, learn and work towards a brighter future. It costs just R25 to feed a person for a month.
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  • The Can That Feeds Someone For A Whole Month!

    Walter Thompson Cape Town puts a month of meals in one can in a new campaign for FoodForward SA. Walter Thompson Cape Town has created a novel and attention-grabbing in-store campaign for FoodForward SA, a non-profit organisation that sources edible surplus food to feed the hungry. All about solutions J Walter Thompson Company was founded […]

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  • FoodForward SA and Shoprite #ActForChange

    The partnership between FoodForward SA and Shoprite started in 2015, and has grown tremendously over the years through regular donations of food and funds, used to support our efforts to feed hungry South Africans. In an effort to enable the public to join the fight against hunger and give back to their communities, Shoprite and […]

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  • Sizizihlobo, ‘We Are friends’

    FoodForward SA partners with major food retailers and manufacturers to rescue edible food before it goes to waste. This food is then distributed to the 600 beneficiary organisations we assist nationally, one of which is Sizizihlobo Community Soup Kitchen. Sizizihlobo Community Soup Kitchen was established by Maureen Mabanga in 1996, from a tiny shack that […]

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  • World Hunger Day Food Drive

    In celebration of ‘World Hunger Day’ on 28 May 2017, FoodForward SA will be holding a national food drive from 8 to 29 May. The food drive will take place  with the aim to collect non-perishable food items and raise funds to help feed South Africans in need and make a difference in the lives of […]

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  • Pick n Pay Partners with FoodForward SA on national Mandela Day Food Drive

    FoodForward SA is excited to announce that it will partner with Pick n Pay on an annual national Food Drive around Mandela Day, calling on all South Africans to get involved. The Food Drive is a national call to action to all South Africans to stand together and fight hunger by purchasing basic food ingredients […]

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  • Make Every Cent Count this World Hunger Day

    Did you know that 14 million people in South Africa go hungry every day? Food Lover’s Market partners with FoodForward SA this World Hunger Day as we work towards a South Africa that is hunger free! Chronic hunger persists when people lack the opportunity to earn enough income, to be educated and gain skills, to […]

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  • How Villa Crop Protection is ensuring FoodForward SA’s future

    Villa Crop Protection, a leading supplier of alternative and cost-effective sources of crop protection products, has generously donated R100 000 towards the refurbishment of FoodForward SA’s cold storage. This helps us sustain our support of 250 000 of South Africa’s hungry. With more than 250 product registrations and nearly 900 on-farm research and development trials conducted […]

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  • Shoprite Pays it Forward

    The partnership between FoodForward SA and Shoprite started in 2015, and has grown tremendously over the years through regular donations of food and funds, used to support our efforts to feed hungry South Africans. Most recently Shoprite donated funds to cover the cost of providing fundraising and marketing training to twenty (ten from Cape Town […]

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  • FoodForward SA’s 2016 Year End Results

    Alexander Pope is quoted as saying that “There is a certain majesty in simplicity, which is far above all the quaintness of wit.” As human beings we tend to complicate things more than they need to be. This is true of the world of work, relationships, etc. Foodbanking is a simple model, and, combined with […]

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  • Linde Material Handling SA intensifies its food rescue support

    Donations from Linde Material Handling SA reduce operational costs for FoodForward SA, enabling the organisation to rescue more food and feed the disadvantaged across South Africa. Feeding 250,000 people every year 3,450,000 kilograms of food is distributed annually by FoodForward SA to 250,000 people who need it most. This would not be possible without the […]

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