FoodForward SA distributed over 4,350,000 kilograms of food in 2016. We assists hundreds of verified NPOs across the country that feed hundreds of thousands of people daily. We facilitate the provision of 14,500,000 meals annually. The cost per meal is only R 0,86, a cost-effective solution to the problem of hunger. This cost-effective solution to hunger can improve health and education, as well as reduce crime and unemployment. The provision of food to organisations such as youth centres, training centres, orphans and vulnerable children, rehab centres, and childcare facilities allows them to focus their time on the important work that they do. The support not only helps to ease hunger, but enables the sick to safely take their medication, and helps to nurture young minds by providing children with the energy to grow, learn and work towards a brighter future. It costs just R25 to feed a person for a month.
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  • First Choice and FoodForward SA #move4goodness

    First Choice has partnered with FoodForward SA to distribute donated dairy products to selected organisations that assist the less fortunate. Following their momentous achievement of raising the first R30, 000 of the intended R120, 000 worth of dairy products, First Choice is set to donate to the less fortunate through its #move4goodness initiative. Woodlands Dairy…

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  • Consol strives to recycle sustainably with FoodForward SA

    The glass manufacturer’s recycling and sustainability strategies continue to minimise South Africa’s carbon footprint. Consol Glass has made a commitment to the sustainable use of limited resources and the responsible recycling of re-usable materials to minimise its carbon footprint. This pledge has had a positive impact on the company and its employees, encouraging Consol to…

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  • United in the fight against hunger this Mandela Day

    FoodForward SA and Pick n Pay partnered to unite a nation around Mandela Day, with the goal of raising enough food to help stock FoodForward SA’s warehouses across the country with staple foods during winter. The food drive ensures that the 600 Beneficiary Organisations we serve can continue to provide warm meals to the 250…

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  • The generosity of Merrill Lynch South Africa helps to feed thousands

    Merrill Lynch South Africa funds a generous Global Foodbanking Network grant that supports World Food Day, Africa Diaspora Hope and helped FoodForward SA purchase a refrigerated truck. For the past three years, FoodForward SA has received a generous grant from the Global Foodbanking Network, made possible by Merrill Lynch South Africa. This grant goes towards supporting…

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  • Mandela Day Set to Ignite National Civic Action Against Hunger

    FoodForward SA and Pick n Pay are partnering to unite a nation around Mandela Day, with the goal of raising 1,000,000 meals. The national food drive will help stock FoodForward SA’s warehouses across the country with staple foods during winter, ensuring that the 600 Beneficiary Organisations they serve can continue to provide warm meals to…

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  • Introducing an Exciting Innovation – Virtual Foodbanking

    FoodBank SA has taken sourcing and collecting of food to a virtual level in a bid to increase its reach and distribute even more food to hungry South Africans. In January this year FoodBank SA introduced an exciting new concept called ‘Virtual Foodbanking’ (VFB), whereby FoodBank SA links its Beneficiary Organisations (BOs) to the closest…

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  • Feeding the future, one meal at a time

    Facing up to the hard-hitting facts of food insecurity and the life changing service FoodBank SA is able to offer vulnerable individuals. Fact: Undernourished children experience delays in their physical and mental development, chronic lethargy, trouble concentrating, and weight loss impacts on their immune health. In a 2013 UK study conducted by Kellogg’s titled “A…

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  • Bringing supporters, chefs, athletes and airlines together to feed the hungry

    To drum up support and awareness, FoodBank SA took to social media in February with its #RecipeChallenge. The campaign encouraged supporters to purchase specially developed recipes for R40, the amount needed to feed a hungry person for a month, prepare one of the recipes and upload a photo on social media, and in return stand…

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  • In the heat of the kitchen for hunger

    Terence Bridget sweats it out in the MasterChef SA kitchen for FoodBank SA Cooking shows have captured the imagination of millions around the world. One of the most popular shows in recent times is MasterChef, having originated in the UK in 2005 and spreading to 51 countries around the world. South Africa is no exception,…

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