Food Drives

Food drives are a really popular activity among individuals, families, communities and groups within the workplace it is all about having fun whilst getting involved in the fight against hunger!

FoodForward SA has regularly-scheduled food drives throughout the year, but you are welcome to hold your own food drive at any time of the year. We welcome all types of non-perishable food products that everyone should have access to.

The most needed food items include:

  • rice, maize meal, cereal, samp and pasta
  • dried beans, lentils, tinned fish, soya mince and milk powder
  • jam, peanut butter and canned vegetables
  • cooking oil, salt and sugar

Some guidelines when collecting food:

  • Collect only non-perishable food items.
  • Do not collect any cooked items/meals
  • Please check the expiry dates on all products, FoodForward SA cannot accept any expired products.

Tips for holding a successful food drive:

Develop a theme – a themed food drive for a special occasion or celebrated day will help with marketing your food drive and add some excitement.

Call your nearest FoodForward SA branch – let us know you are planning a food drive and find out what we need most.

Set up a collection point – a medium sized box works best, properly identify the boxes and place them in highly visible places that are convenient for people to donate.

Promote your food drive – advertise your food drive through whatever means you have available e.g. fliers, e-mails, Facebook and Twitter. Include the dates of the drive and locations of the collection boxes.

Arrange for transportation – arrange collection or delivery of the food with the nearest FoodForward SA branch.

Contact us on 021 531 5670 or email Fayrene Langson at if you would like to hold a food drive.