In the heat of the kitchen for hunger

Terence Bridget sweats it out in the MasterChef SA kitchen for FoodBank SA

Cooking shows have captured the imagination of millions around the world. One of the most popular shows in recent times is MasterChef, having originated in the UK in 2005 and spreading to 51 countries around the world. South Africa is no exception, having aired its third season in 2014 and expanding the franchise to Celebrity MasterChef in 2015.

The rise of cooking shows stands as testament to people’s connection to food that goes beyond basic nourishment – it’s a family affair, a social occasion, a chance to honour one’s culture, express one’s personality and creativity, and an opportunity to give joy and novel experiences to others. And yet in spite of our predilection for delicious and new food experiences, 11 million South Africans don’t know where their next meal is coming from or when.

Big wins on all fronts

As part of the Celebrity MasterChef challenge, the show requires participants to compete for the accolade of being named MasterChef as well as raising funds for a charity of their choosing. One such participant was Terence Bridgett – stage and TV actor who has become a household name over the years for his regular appearances in Isidingo – who chose to represent FoodBank SA.

Bridgett sliced, diced, flambéd and sautéd his way all the way up to the top three and managed to accumulate R80,000 for FoodBank SA through winning various challenges and generous donations from MasterChef SA.

Because Terence nominated FoodBank SA, over 67,227 meals were secured. So a huge thank you goes out to Terence and MasterChef SA not only for the funds received, but for the awareness and publicity that FoodBank SA has received over the course of the show.