FoodForward SA distributed over 4,350,000 kilograms of food in 2016. We assists hundreds of verified NPOs across the country that feed hundreds of thousands of people daily. We facilitate the provision of 14,500,000 meals annually. The cost per meal is only R 0,86, a cost-effective solution to the problem of hunger. This cost-effective solution to hunger can improve health and education, as well as reduce crime and unemployment. The provision of food to organisations such as youth centres, training centres, orphans and vulnerable children, rehab centres, and childcare facilities allows them to focus their time on the important work that they do. The support not only helps to ease hunger, but enables the sick to safely take their medication, and helps to nurture young minds by providing children with the energy to grow, learn and work towards a brighter future. It costs just R25 to feed a person for a month.
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  • FoodForward SA wins prestigious Arrell Global Food Innovation Award 2019

    FoodForward SA is delighted to announce that we have WON the 2019 edition of the internationally acclaimed Arrell Global Food Innovation Award. This award recognises global excellence in food innovation and community impact through programmes that address food insecurity. It is hosted by the Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada…

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  • World Food Day 2019

    World Food Day is celebrated annually on 16 October to commemorate the founding date of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 1945 and was introduced at the FAO’s 20th General conference in November 1979. World Food Day is observed in over 150 countries and raises awareness of critical issues relating…

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  • From the MD’s Desk

    FoodForward SA is proud to present our 10th Anniversary Special Edition Annual Report. So much has been achieved by the collective efforts of so many caring and generous people that helped us on our journey to create a South Africa without hunger.  Special thanks and acknowledgement goes to our board members, our staff, our food…

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  • Women breaking gender stereotypes at FoodForward SA

    FoodForward SA is proud to be part of a growing movement that places women at the forefront of what was previously domains reserved only for men. Marelise Ponto, our Cape Town Warehouse Supervisor, started her working career in direct sales, and went on to work for a retailer, in supply chain. When she joined FoodForward…

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  • How Food is a Catalyst for Social Change: A focus on our beneficiary organisations’ empowering communities

    FoodForward SA currently serves a growing network of 560 beneficiary organisations (BOs). More than 75% of our BOs are doing work in the development sector, focusing on education, skills development, rehabilitation, orphans and vulnerable children, care for abused women, the aged, the disabled, and at risk youth. Below are just two examples of organisations doing…

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  • An Urban Food Security Solution that benefits Vulnerable Rural Communities

    According to the World Food Programme, poor nutrition kills more people every year than AIDS, Malaria and TB combined. Furthermore, 45% of infant deaths are related to under-nutrition, while children in rural areas are worse affected than those in towns and cities. Traditionally, FoodForward SA’s Foodbanking model has been predominantly an urban-based solution because most…

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