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Seeds of Success: FoodForward SA Connecting Communities Through Gardening

As part of our ongoing commitment to empowering communities through sustainable solutions, FoodForward SA is thrilled to announce the successful launch of our Food Gardens Connect project.

This initiative, rooted in socio-economic development, is designed to cultivate a thriving ecosystem within FFSA’s beneficiary organisations (BOs), focusing on equipping unemployed individuals, particularly young people, with skills to cultivate their own sustenance and generate income through agricultural endeavours.

One significant milestone within this project is the partnership with Kwakhanya Greening and Home-Based Care BO in Khayelitsha, as a key participant in the Food Gardens Connect programme.

Food Gardens Connect: Cultivating Sustainable Communities Through Empowerment

FFSA provides organisations like Kwakhanya with seedlings for their gardens. When their crops mature, we purchase any excess produce and distribute it to other BOs. This arrangement not only helps them generate an income, it also promotes self-sustainability.

Present at the event were members of the media along with our donors, CHEP and Pick n Pay, who played a vital role in getting this initiative off the ground.

Ahead of the official launch at our national office in Lansdowne, FFSA Community Development Officer and Agricultural Specialist, Likopo “DK” Sehlabo, accompanied videographers to capture the essence of Kwakhanya’s community garden.

Madlamini, one of the senior members of the group, says being involved in this project has had a profound impact on her life.

“I’ve been involved in numerous community projects, but none have resonated with me quite like this one. The opportunity to tend to the garden not only keeps me occupied but also provides sustenance for my family,” she says. 

“Additionally, the surplus yields allow me to supplement our income, enabling me to purchase essentials like bread for our household.”

Madlamini’s words encapsulate the impact initiatives like Food Gardens Connect make in the lives of individuals and communities.

Greener Pastures: Gardening An Alternative To Gangsterism

Nondoda, one of the younger members, says being part of this project has kept him off the streets where gangsterism is prevalent.

“As a young person, this project has provided me with meaningful occupation, steering me away from the streets and negative influences like drugs and gangsterism. I want to inspire more youths to participate in similar initiatives, offering them an alternative path towards a brighter future.’

Members of the Kwakhanya Community Gardeners were present at the launch where they also got to spend some time in our garden tunnel.

During his presentation, DK shared essential gardening tips and techniques such as seed sowing, seedling planting, and transplanting.

Each participant also had the opportunity to get their hands dirty and plant their own seeds – which will soon be ready for harvest.  

Before returning home to tend to their own garden, Kwakhanya received their first payment from the BO department manager, Zanele Stimela, and Managing Director Andy Du Plessis.

Now that our food garden is officially open, we invite you to join us and volunteer your time to help nurture it with your green fingers.

Join our volunteer programme and contribute to our mission of combating food insecurity, one seed at a time.

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