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Unlocking Potential: Phakama Community Centre and FoodForward SA Making an Impact Together

As FoodFoward SA (FFSA) celebrates 15 years of making an impact this year, we are proud to partner with organisations like Phakama Community Centre in Nyanga, Cape Town, for their dedication to uplifting their community by providing essential skills training for both adults and children.

As one of our longest-beneficiary organisations (BO), Phakama feeds more than 250 beneficiaries, including children and the elderly, daily.

Nkosinathi Matomela, chairperson at Phakama Community Centre says the project started in 2000 as a home-based programme and later expanded to include a youth programme, an early childhood development (ECD) centre, a feeding scheme and a life skills programme.

Unlocking potential through skills development

Skills development programmes in communities play a crucial role in addressing unemployment challenges, equipping individuals to be more employable, entrepreneurial, and self-reliant.

Nkosinathi says: “Through our life skills programme, we educate girls and boys on the dangers of crime, we also teach them about the importance of education.”

“After that, we decided to incorporate a skills development programme for different community members within our area – employed and unemployed.  

“We educate them about the various things they have to be aware of as well as protection when it comes to HIV/AIDS and TB as well.”

Phakama Community Centre offers skills development programmes from ECD level to the elderly.

The partnership with FoodForward SA enhances Phakama’s community programmes

Phakama has been part of FoodForward SA’s BO network since 2011, back when our organisation was still operating under the name Foodbank South Africa.

Nkosinathi says their partnership with us allows them to provide daily meals to more than 250 people daily.  Top of FormThis includes about 70 kids from their ECD, 150 elderly people and approximately 30 young people.

“With both our programmes – the feeding scheme programme and the ECD programme – we would have our sessions with the youth after school and then serve them lunch after that,” says Nkosinathi.

“We get partial funding from the Department of Social Development, but there are times when funding is delayed and that’s when the food supply from FFSA greatly helps us.

Phakama’s partnership with FoodForward SA allows them to provide daily meals to more than 250 people daily.

Addressing key challenges: Safety concerns and securing funding

Nkosinathi highlights that one of the significant hurdles they’ve faced is safety concerns, an issue they aim to address by acquiring their own building.

“One of the challenges we’ve had has been the safety concerns at our current property,” he says.

“The property was not fully fenced so it was easy for gangsters to gain access, however, we have tried to work around the situation.

“We’re still in the process of purchasing the place so we can’t implement some of the things we want just yet,” he says.

“We also have a huge challenge regarding funding.”

“Sometimes funding would last until a certain time and then it would stop. This means we must close the kitchen and tell the beneficiaries we’re out of food.

Positive outlook offers hope for the future

Despite these challenges, Nkosinathi says there are many positives to look forward to in the coming months.

“Luckily we received confirmation for extended funding so that should help us,” he says

“We will also be providing free counselling sessions for our beneficiaries in the community and later in the year we are planning a Youth Day event where we will be hosting different organisations.”

Through initiatives like these, Phakama is not only addressing immediate needs but also investing in the long-term well-being and prosperity of the community.

Through your donation to FoodForward SA, we can continue supporting organisations like Phakama Community Centre, which play a vital role in creating positive change.

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