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Celebrating Volunteer Month with FoodForward SA’s Impactful Volunteer Programme

April is Global Volunteer Month, and at FoodForward SA, our volunteer programme offers corporates and individuals first-hand experience of our unique foodbanking model.

Our model ensures that 920,000 beneficiaries have access to a nutritious meal daily.

Whether you’re devoting 67 minutes to Mandela Day, extending a helping hand on World Food Day, or simply have a few hours to spare, our warehouses nationwide can accommodate groups of up to 15 volunteers at a time.

Here, you can actively contribute to our mission of combating hunger in South Africa by picking, packing, defacing and sorting food pallets for distribution.

April is Global Volunteer Month.

‘Why I Volunteer’

Carina Maber and Botlhale Phaka recently volunteered at our Free State and Isando warehouses. Here’s a glimpse into their experiences:

Carina, who volunteered at our Isando warehouse on March 13, is a Food Science graduate who says she was actively looking for ways to stay involved in the industry while searching for employment.

“Volunteering felt like a fantastic way to contribute my skills and knowledge while staying connected to the field,” she says.

“FFSA plays a crucial role in reducing food waste and helping communities. 

“(Their) mission to fight hunger and reduce food waste deeply resonates with me.

“Food waste is a major issue, and as someone who studied Food Science, I understand the significant impact we can have by minimising it. Your organisation’s work addresses this challenge and creates a more sustainable food system, which is a cause I wholeheartedly support.

Carina Maber volunteered at our Isando warehouse.

“I believe strongly in FFSA’s mission of fighting hunger in South Africa. Food security is the foundation for a healthy and thriving community. When people have access to enough nutritious food, they can focus on education, work, and taking care of their families.

“FoodForward SA plays a crucial role in strengthening communities by ensuring people have the necessities to build a better future.

As a recent food science graduate I am aware of the complexities of the food system and the problem of food waste. FoodForwardSA’s approach to addressing the problem of hunger and food waste is a simple yet impactful solution.

No child should worry about where their next meal will come from

Botlhale has been a volunteer since 2017 when she joined our Mandela Day packaging event.

“I chose to volunteer at FoodForward SA because of the personal connection I have to its mission,” she says.

“Whenever I’d visit my grandmother in Setlagole, North West during school holidays. I saw how some kids would go to bed hungry and even go days without any food during school holidays. At that time, I didn’t know how I could assist, but through organisations like FFSA, I can give back and help those who are facing food insecurity.

Botlhale Phaka has been a FFSA volunteer since Mandela Day 2017.

Botlhale, who volunteers whenever she has free time, says FFSA’s mission to eradicate hunger, aligns with her values which is that “no child should ever have to worry where their next meal will come from”.

She adds: “Ensuring the well-being of children, particularly regarding access to nutritious food and sanitary towels for girls, is a cause close to my heart.

“No child should ever have to feel ashamed due to a lack of access to essential hygiene and food. When kids have access to food they are better equipped to thrive in school. Additionally, ensuring that girls have access to sanitary towels is important for education and dignity. I believe that period poverty should never be a barrier to a girl’s success.”

Join our #foodheroes by signing up for our volunteer programme at any of our warehouses nationwide and help make a difference in the lives of millions of South Africans.

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