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From Tech to Turnips: Veldt Farm’s Journey to Sustainability

As winter approaches, Veldt Farm is getting ready for a vibrant transformation.

While owner, Ansell Langeveldt settles in at his new land in Stellenbosch, the first-generation farmer says he anticipates a bounty of winter crops in the months ahead. Veldt Farm is one of FoodForward SA’s donation partners through One Farm Share an initiative of Standard Bank and Hello Choice.

HelloChoice is a digital agricultural trading platform that connects farmers to buyers. The platform, which is an initiative by Standard Bank, partners with FFSA and donates surplus produce to FFSA warehouses. These fruits and vegetables are donated to our beneficiary organisations (BOs) countrywide where they provide healthy meals to those who need it.

Ansell Langeveldt makes regular donations to FFS. Picture: FFSA

A Journey of Determination and Growth

The FFSA team visited Ansell in Stellenbosch, where he recently signed a lease for five hectares of land and is eager to start production on his winter crops.

At the time of our visit, Ansell, who has been farming for five years and regularly donates to FFSA, was just days away from harvesting his first batch of peas since acquiring his new land in January this year.

Coming from an IT background, he admits getting land with the perfect conditions to grow produce is challenging, especially in the Western Cape.

“It’s challenging to get land here in Stellenbosch, but I managed to get this piece of land which I am renting from the municipality,” he says proudly.

“I’m growing green beans right now and once that is harvested, heading into winter, I’m going to plant crops like celery, coriander, carrots, turnips, cauliflower, broccoli and spinach.

Ansell’s farming journey started in 2017, when he was inspired by a friend’s father who owns a farm in Jamestown.

“In 2017 accepted a job in IT where I was working from home, but I knew I wasn’t going to grow in that career.

“When I visited my friend in Jamestown, that’s where my interest in farming started. I knew nothing about farming and I don’t come from a farming family so this was a learning curve for me,” he says.

Building a Sustainable Future and Giving Back to the Community

Despite some challenges, Ansell is determined to plough back into his community and ultimately leave a legacy for his three-year-old son.

“The reward is great when it comes to harvest time,” he says with a smile.

“I can see my business growing. I want to be sustainable and have a supply every week for my clients.

“I (also) donate where I can and over the years I’ve established a good relationship with FFSA.”

Collaborating with FFSA ensures that surplus produce ends up on the plates of those who need it most.

By donating to FFSA, Veldt Farm is playing a vital role in helping to reduce food insecurity and move us closer to a South Africa without hunger.

Donate to FFSA and help us continue to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable South Africans.

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