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FoodForward SA commemorates World NGO Day at the O.W.L Haven Shelter

World NGO Day was commemorated on Tuesday, February 27, and to mark the occasion, the FoodForward SA Fund Development and Finance teams surprised beneficiaries at the O.W.L Haven Shelter with a sweet treat.

Adorned in our distinctive FFSA aprons, the team, armed with a supply of doughnuts generously sponsored by Krispy Kreme, made their way to the shelter, which is conveniently located next to our national office in Cape Town.

Upon arrival, the doughnuts were served to the beneficiaries, which they enjoyed with a cup of tea.

World NGO Day is observed annually, to recognise the efforts and contributions of non-governmental organisations worldwide. It aims to raise awareness about the vital role NGOs, like FoodForward SA and O.W.L Haven Shelter play in addressing social, economic, and environmental issues, promoting human rights, and fostering sustainable development.

O.W.L Haven is more than just a shelter, it’s a beacon of hope

O.W.L Haven Shelter provides developmental services to people experiencing homelessness, ensuring that they are equipped with the skills they need to be reintegrated into society.

For people like 70-year-old Benjamin (not his real name), the facility is more than a shelter, it’s the place he calls home.

Ben, who cannot speak due to throat cancer, uses a notebook and pen to communicate.

He writes: “I have been living here since the death of my common-law wife, 15 years ago.

“(She) died of bone cancer and when her son took over the house I was forced to leave and I had nowhere to go.

“I have found a home here. When I was diagnosed with cancer I was in Groote Schuur Hospital for 14 months and when I got out I was accepted back here.”

Providing a home and nourishment: O.W.L Haven Shelter’s vital role in community support

Administrator, Karen Harker says many of their clients, like Ben, don’t have homes to go return to, so they are allowed to stay at the shelter.

“Unlike other shelters, where they have to leave, we let them stay here,” says Karen.

“We try and create an atmosphere for them where they feel at home.

“During the day, those who work would leave and the ones who stay behind will take part in the skills development programmes which also enables them to earn an income,” she says.

At FoodForward SA, we recognise the crucial role which organisations like the O.W.L Haven Shelter play in communities. That’s why we are proud to partner with them.

Karen adds:” We have about 50-plus people who we serve three meals a day.

“Since Covid, we lost a lot of donations because companies have either closed or they just can’t donate anymore because they are also struggling.

“We serve them three meals a day, with two tea breaks in between, so the food we get from FFSA helps us a lot given that we feed so many people daily. With the veggies that we get we can give them a healthy meal,” she says.

Donate and help FoodForward SA continue to provide nutritional food to organisations like O.W.L Haven Shelter, where they not only offer skills development but also ensure access to healthy meals.

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