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FoodForward SA and Sinethemba Community Project partnership brings hope and nourishment

Sinethemba Ithemba Community Project is a beacon of hope to Khayelitsha residents.

In a community plagued by social challenges, the Sinethemba Ithemba Community Project is a beacon of hope to many.

Registered in 2005, Sinethemba, which means hope in Zulu, is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) serving the Harare community in Khayelitsha.


Sinethemba is an organisation that lives up to its name by providing much-needed assistance through its many initiatives. Through its mission to uplift and bring lasting change, many residents are benefitting from Sinethemba’s community projects. 

The organisation was founded by Nolitha Ndalasi, who launched several community development initiatives such as neighbourhood patrols; community gardens and soup kitchens.

Sinethemba’s community garden.

In addition to these projects, Sinethemba also runs a crisis support group for abused women and in 2007 the Silulutho Youth Programme was launched, which is now known as the Ithemba Learning Centre.

Ndalasi saw a need in her community and also opened an early childhood development centre (ECD) for children of abused mothers.

Early Childhood Development Centre.


Sinethemba is among the 58 NGOs FoodForward SA supports in Khayelitsha, enabling us to reach nearly 25,000 people, including orphans and vulnerable children, women, at-risk youth, the elderly and disabled.

Thanks to the partnership between Sinethemba Community Project and FoodForward SA, residents like 67-year-old Nonina Pama and her family get to enjoy a nutritious meal each day, even after her pension money has run out.

Food parcels donated by FoodForward SA.

Nonina says: “Nolitha is a godsend to this community.

“If it wasn’t for her and her passion for people, many of us would be struggling. My whole household eats here – we get breakfast and lunch.

“Nolitha also makes us food parcels to take home towards the end of the month because she knows the situation back in the house, there’s nothing.”

“My grandchild attends creche here for free because Nolitha knows (we can’t afford creche fee). She’s also assisting me with getting my two grandchildren their birth certificates so they can receive SASSA grant.

Residents like Nonina get to enjoy a warm meal each day.

She concludes: “I have been living with HIV for over 15 years, healthy nutritious food is crucial for me to take my medication and stay healthy.

“If it weren’t for this organisation I’m sure I’d be living under the bridge by now.”

Through FoodForward SA’s monthly food donations including fresh fruit and vegetables, staples, as well as non-perishable food items, we’re nourishing communities and spreading hope!

Donate and help us continue to support organisations like the Sinethemba Ithemba Community Project that provide holistic community care.

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