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Why I Volunteer at FoodForward SA

Robyn Harry is a recent university graduate who is currently a marketing coordinator working in the financial services industry. She came across FoodForward SA while researching possible organisations at which she could volunteer.

FoodForward SA (FFSA): What do you know about our organisation?

Robyn Harry (RH): FoodForward SA assists with foodbanking and has a footprint across all nine provinces. They’ve got knowledgeable and passionate employees and welcome volunteers with open arms. 

FoodForward SA’s mission is to reduce hunger in South Africa by safely and cost-effectively securing quality food and making it available to those who need it. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal number 2 is to strive towards zero hunger by 2030 and I think we should all play our part in educating ourselves and empowering others to achieve this mission. 

FFSA: When and why did you start volunteering at FoodForward SA?

RH: I regularly volunteered with the University of Cape Town before the pandemic, but the virus had prohibited us from going on campus or interacting with anyone in general. By the time COVID-19 lockdown restrictions were completely rescinded, I had completed my studies and no longer had access to the same organisations with which I previously volunteered during university. I wanted to get back into old habits and decided to research organisations that were a bit closer to home. I came across FoodForward SA online at the beginning of this year and plan to remain a long-term volunteer. 

FFSA: What are the causes that you feel most passionately about?

RH: I’m passionate about those who cannot help themselves. No need is insignificant. I gravitate towards altruistic causes.  

FFSA: What skills do you have (and want) to share?

RH: Strategic thinking is my most valuable asset. In my opinion, critical thinking is a solutions-oriented mindset that can solve the world’s most pressing issues and, for this reason, I would like to share this skill.

FFSA: What quotes do you live by and would like to share with our readers and motivate others to volunteer as well?

RH: “I am because we are and because we are, therefore I am.” This quote by John Mtibi encapsulates the spirit of Ubuntu and collaborative action. It reminds us of the power of teamwork and the capability of a nation that strives toward greatness through selfless acts of kindness. 

Thank you so much, Robyn, for being such an amazing volunteer!

Email to find out more about individual and corporate volunteering opportunities at any of FoodForward SA’s nine branches or sign up at

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