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Our KZN Warehouse is on the Move

We are excited to announce that our KZN branch has moved from its location in Gillits Road, Pinetown, to its new address at Unit D2, 14 Henred Road, New Germany, Pinetown. 

Safer and more convenient location

Yolanda Makhanya, our KZN branch manager, says the new warehouse is more spacious than the previous one. It is also more central to the distribution centres (DCs) of their suppliers and for the beneficiary organisations, it is also closer and more convenient. An added benefit is that they are now located in a secure office park.

Warehouse optimisation is a key component

Moving warehouses is a complex operation and the process, among others, includes the installation of racking, alarms, fibre and other IT equipment, signage, and moving heavy warehouse equipment including forklifts. The warehouse also needs to be optimised and for this, we are grateful to Relog’s team of professionals, who continue to work closely with our operations team to design a custom goods flow process for each of our warehouses. This includes the creation of better inbound and outbound processes, designated sorting and storage processes, and suitable picking and packing areas.

Thank you to our dedicated KZN team

Our KZN branch serves over 350 beneficiary organisations, enabling us to reach over 125,000 beneficiaries, across the entire province. Behind our ability to reach so many vulnerable people, are the ones who carry out the operations to ensure that people have access to safe and nutritious food. This team has also been at the coalface of many disasters, including the July KZN riots in 2021, the KZN floods in 2022 and more recently, the landspout that caused devastation in the community of Inanda. We extend our gratitude to our hardworking KZN team, whose resilience and dedication are greatly valued.

Would you like to find out more about the work of our KZN branch? Call 031 569 2427 and  speak to branch manager Yolanda Makhanya or email

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