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Why I Volunteer

Mr.Ramasenya Thomas Meso is one of FoodForwardSA regular individual volunteers at our Johannesburg warehouse. He shares with our colleague, Sinethemba Daka, his “Why I volunteer” story.

Sinethemba Daka (SD): Mr Meso, tell us when and why you started volunteering at FoodForward SA.

RM: I read about your organisation on the Internet, and I started volunteering at FoodForward SA in November 2022. I have always been passionate about doing community work, especially in rural and semi-urban areas and public health issues such as food and environmental hygiene, water and sanitation, and food and nutrition are all based on my training as an Environmental Health Practitioner. So, my knowledge and experience might come in handy to the industry. I have just recently retired, so I now have the time required to fulfil the volunteer activities required by FoodForward SA.

SD: What motivates you to volunteer regularly with us?

RM: The organisation is basically tailored for the provision of food to the needy countrywide. I’m motivated by the good services that you are doing, and I was moved to give a hand from a Christian point of view. Yes, because I align with the saying that love your neighbour as you love yourself.

SD: How long do you plan on volunteering with us?

RM: As long as my body can carry me, and my priorities remain the same.

SD: Tell us a little about the causes that you feel most passionately about.

RM: Meeting new people, changing life for somebody, and having the energy to do the tasks.

SD: What skills do you have (and want) to share?

RM: I would like to transfer my knowledge on food inspections, water purifications, stakeholder analysis and management and community participation and involvement.

SD: Please tell us quotes you live by and would like to share with others to help motivate them to volunteer as well.

RM: How many lives have you touched? A hundred years from now, it won’t matter how much money you had, what kind of house you lived in, or how many cars you owned. What will matter is how many lives you have touched. So, let’s love one another, for love comes from God.

Volunteers are a huge help when it comes to assisting our warehouse staff with the sorting, defacing, packing and distribution of donated, surplus food to our beneficiary organisations. It also offers FoodForward SA a great opportunity to engage with more people – individuals, schools and corporates – and educate them about the problem of hunger in South Africa and what FoodForward SA is doing to address this problem. Besides being a great team building and fun activity, corporates also find this a meaningful contribution towards their employee engagement programmes.

Thinking about becoming a volunteer? Email to find out more.

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