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Quantum Foods: Why We Give to FoodForward SA

Our relationship with FoodForward SA (FFSA) started about six years ago when a representative (Valerie van der Merwe) from the organisation reached out to me to see if we would be interested in partnering with FFSA. Our CEO joined us in the meeting.

Alignment with CSI philosophy

Directly after the meeting, our CEO indicated that the incredible work done by FFSA fits in perfectly with the Quantum Foods CSI philosophy of “Food Security and Education.”

Quantum Foods is a focused primary agricultural business that has four focus areas namely animal feeds, eggs, layer and broiler farming and related businesses on the African continent outside South Africa. As such we were not able to contribute food, but we made regular monetary donations.

Mother and child nutrition

Today, however, we are actively involved with FoodForward SA’s Mother and Child Nutrition programme which also corresponds directly with our CSI Philosophy, and we contribute eggs as and when required towards this project.

Research has shown that egg consumption can be beneficial in young children by preventing stunted growth (stunting) and improving cognitive (brain) development. Eggs are a reliable source of nutrients, including essential fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and choline.

Eaten as a high-protein breakfast, eggs can boost a child’s satiety levels and reduce hunger throughout the busy school day, which can help with concentration and energy levels and reduce the need for extra snacks. Brain-boosting nutrients in eggs include choline, vitamin B12 and protein. Choline is especially important for normal brain development and can improve cognitive functioning.

The African continent has been hardest hit by hunger and the growing global food security crisis. It is also the continent with some of the highest population growth rates. We are incredibly blessed to partner with FFSA, and it has been an absolute privilege to see the organisation grow from strength to strength.

Thank you FFSA!

Heather Pether,

Executive, Human Resources

Visit FoodForward SA’s website to find out more about you can support their work.

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