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YuLife Joins our Efforts to Repurpose the Surplus

Foodbanking initiatives require ongoing support to make a sustainable impact. As a proud beneficiary of YuLife‘s commitment to fighting hunger, FoodForward SA can make an even greater difference in vulnerable communities across South Africa.

Food insecurity remains a critical issue worldwide, with countless individuals and families lacking access to nutritious food. YuLife, a tech-driven financial services provider, is on a mission to inspire life and is helping us make a difference by transforming financial services for social good.

“YuLife’s launch in South Africa signifies our commitment to redefining the value of financial products and inspiring positive change,” says Jaco Oosthuizen, Co-founder and MD of YuLife SA. The YuLife app encourages positive daily habits like walking and meditating by rewarding individuals with among others a virtual well-being currency called YuCoin. To help fight hunger, they are given the opportunity to donate their YuCoin to FoodForward SA.

“Partnerships between organisations like FoodForward SA and YuLife are essential in the fight against food insecurity,” says Valerie van der Merwe, who attended YuLife’s launch on behalf of FoodForward SA. “With YuLife’s support, FoodForward SA can continue to rescue surplus food, distribute it to those facing hunger, and make a lasting impact on food insecurity.”


Your business can facilitate a wellness programme in aid of food insecurity too. To learn more, contact us at

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