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Why I Give to FoodForward SA

I first heard about FoodForward SA from my girlfriend, and immediately found the mission very compelling. Food security is, obviously, critical for society and improving it while also reducing food waste is fantastic.

One of FoodForward SA’s regular donors says he started supporting charities as a teenager, by imitating the generosity he saw his mother display every day. “For her, it’s a habitual, unconditional thing, and I’ve slowly been building that up for myself. Once I had my first recurring jobs waitering and tutoring, I set up a small debit order for a different food-related charity that’s been going ever since.  

“It feels good to look back and see the impact that donations have had, but for consistency, I try to guard against making that good feeling a requirement for doing it. It’s a lot easier for me to just commit a percentage of my income and treat it like money I never had. It’s an automatic ‘luck redistribution’ of sorts that just chugs along without any decision-making from me.”

“I think the trick to consistency will be different for everyone. For some, it’s serving the same community over a long period of time and forming a social bond. For others, it may be a specific recurring activity that becomes part of your daily life. Whatever it is, I think it’s worthwhile to find something that helps your particular way of giving become habitual and unconditional.” Thank you, to our donors, for helping us secure quality food and nourishing lives.

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