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Nikela Trust Rounda Initiative Generates over 400 000 Meals

Meaning “To give” in Zulu, Nikela Trust works closely with 26 well-established NGO’s to assist in helping strengthen their community impact with the ultimate aim of eradicating poverty across South Africa. FoodForward SA is thankful to be one these beneficiaries.


Launched in October 2018, The Nikela Trust Rounda initiative joined forces with McDonald’s, Nandos, Steers and Mimmos franchises, along with Mochachos and Spur encouraging the public to make every cent count and play their part to eradicate poverty in our beloved country.


How Rounda works


Whenever you see the Rounda Logo in a participating store or online, you will be able to voluntarily help the fight against poverty. All the funds will be collected by the Nikela Trust and contributions are distributed to various non-profit organisations.


Steers decided to focus their giving to feeding programmes and The Nikela Trust nominated FoodForward SA. Since April this year to date we have received monthly donations that have equated to a total of over 400 000 meals.


A huge thank you to this ground breaking initiative and to Steers for strengthening our mission to redirect quality nutritious surplus food onto the plates of those who need it most. 

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