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3500 Tons of Fresh Produce Redirected onto Plates of Those in Need

OneFarmShare is a platform funded by Standard Bank and facilitated by South African AgriTech company HelloChoice. The platform acquires edible surplus produce from emerging and commercial farmers and enables farmers to donate to food recovery orgaisations such as FoodFoward SA.


The need for food relief is greater than ever, and with the cost of living crisis in South Africa worsening, it is important that we ensure fruits and vegetables are available, accessible and affordable to every vulnerable community as a nutritious and healthy diet is fundamental in combatting malnutrition.


From butternut, beetroot, potatoes, cabbage, and carrots, to spinach, cauliflower, apples, oranges, and amadumbe, FoodForward SA has access to a large network of farmers enabling them to donate their surplus food. This helps us provide a variety of healthy monthly food provisions to our network of 2750 beneficiary organisations ensuring that every plate they cook has nutritional value.


Thank you for the role that you play in helping us reduce the environmental impact of food waste and provide better access to healthy food to 950,000 vulnerable people every day.

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