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Legal Resource Centre becomes an official partner to influence a Food Donation Policy in SA

Our Food Donations Policy Petition has attracted some legal attention. The Legal Resource Centre (LRC) has agreed to a formal partnership with FoodForward SA to assist with influencing the implementation of a Food Donations Policy in South Africa.


In South Africa 10 million tons of food is lost and wasted annually while half of our population suffers various extents of food insecurity. The large-scale food waste, which not only exacerbates food insecurity and impacts negatively on the environment, but is also a serious social justice issue, will continue unabated until such time there is a clear and comprehensive food donations policy for South Africa. The Legal Resource Centre (LRC) has joined forces with FoodForward SA to help influence the implementation of a Food Donations Policy in South Africa.


The LRC, whose goals are to promote justice using the Constitution, build respect for the rule of law and contribute to socio-economic transformation within South Africa and beyond, will help to create the legislative framework that recognises that access to food is a right.


In October, FoodForward SA launched a petition to garner at least 100,000 signatures for the food donations policy. We look forward to growing our partnership with the LRC in our fight for social justice and food security!

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