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FoodForward SA Plays a Vital Role in Contributing To Improving the Physical Wellbeing of Vulnerable Children.

Darling Outreach Foundation is one of our large community kitchen beneficiary organisations that collect monthly food provisions from our Malmesbury Mobile Rural Depot to prepare nutritious meals for around 700 vulnerable people. Based in Darling, a rural town on the outskirts of Cape Town, Darling Outreach Foundation strives to create safe spaces for learners to receive academic support, psychosocial support and nutrition on a daily basis.

As part of an incentive for learners to continue attending their support programmes, and to assist parents with the pressure of putting food on the table, the centre has a sizable nutritional programme providing meals to school learners from Grade 1 through to Grade 9. Included in their programmes are child protection awareness initiatives hosted during the week and during school holidays which reach around 400 children in the community.

Thank you for your resilience and for building a support system for the children in the Darling community.

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