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Rural Expansion:  31 communities reached our MRD programme

To respond to increasing community needs and food insecurity, particularly in vulnerable rural communities, FoodForward SA now operates 31 Mobile Rural Depots (MRDs) across South Africa, with the recent addition of two new MRDs in King Williams Town and Alice in the Eastern Cape set up in July.

Many families, especially those living in underserved rural areas across South Africa, are feeling the burden of rising food prices, as well as transport and electricity costs. In addition, Eastern Cape residents are facing a water crisis. Day zero is looming and residents are already forced to rely on roaming water tankers for their daily water supply.

Our Mobile Rural Depot programme provides close to 600 beneficiary organisations (BOs) with monthly nutritious food provisions that provide nearly 190,000 beneficiaries with a daily meal. Thanks to our partnership with Engen which covers our fuel costs, our refrigerated trucks can deliver food every month to a central point in a rural community, enabling many of our Bos to save on transport costs.

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    Please note we have an online application process.
    In order to apply you can visit our website on the right hand side you will see a menu item “Apply”.
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    Each Branch will need to do a seperate application, When applying under organisation name have the Organisation name followed by the Branch name so we can differenciate the applications in our system. WE also need unique contact people for each Branch.

    On the application page you will find all our criteria to become a beneficiary organisation with FoodForward SA.

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