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Creating Better Access to Food for No Income households in Soweto

Endemic poverty, high unemployment, low education, and housing are the biggest problems facing Soweto. FoodForward SA partners with 30 registered non-profit organisations in this community; ensuring regular access to nutritious food for vulnerable people.

The Supper Foundation, established in 2011, located in Freedom Park, east of Soweto, is one of our large beneficiary organisations that collect monthly food provisions from our Johannesburg warehouse. This food is used to prepare meals for over 700 children, youth and single mothers in the community. In addition, it supports making up nutritious food parcels for identified vulnerable households that have no income at all.

We caught up with Errol Ashman, founder of the Supper Foundation and Tabor Mohlomi, the lead volunteer who took us through their various programmes. One of the biggest challenges they found in the community is at the start of Covid-19 with schools being closed, and re-opening on alternate days, there was a rise in the number of children dropping out of school, therefore becoming despondent and roaming around the streets getting involved with drugs etc. Through their youth-aimed ministry programmes, they create a safe social setting for young people, provide cooked meals and teach the principles of decision making, character building as well as engage in fun social activities, games, and soccer to help keep young children and youth off the streets.

The Supper Foundation’s long-term vision is to build Care Centres throughout Soweto and the rest of South Africa, ensuring that they can keep our young people off the streets, and help build a sustainable South Africa for our youth. “We need to give hope and purpose to our future generations. People are desperate, no matter their age. The desperation we see, unless you have experienced true hunger, you won’t have a clue of what people go through. Thanks to FoodForward SA for the life-line support, we are able to help many desperate families in the community with food parcels and this helps restore some hope and dignity.”, says Errol Ashman.

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