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FoodForward SA builds on reaching more vulnerable communities

As part of the five-year plan, given our unique Foodbanking model that we implement, we needed a suitable warehouse and office space that could accommodate our large national office staff, and our warehouse branch staff. We purpose built our own property, to ensure that we can increase our reach and impact, have an asset into the future, and use this base of operations to grow.

FoodForward SA is pleased to announce that we have started building a 1,600 square metre building, which will be ready by the end of September 2022. The new building will ensure our operations are more efficient and cost effective over time, while providing improved service to an increasing number of beneficiary organisations that need our help across the country.

Our Cape Town branch currently serves nearly 600 BOs with food each month. With this number set to increase rapidly, we can ensure we continue to reach the most vulnerable communities in the Western Cape and across the rest of South Africa. Our national office staff has nearly 30 staff, working in 6 different departments. The new building will accommodate for growth into the future, while ensuring that we are better positioned to scale up, and reach those who need our help.

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