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Relog Consultants Optimise Our National Warehouse Operations

A key objective of FoodForward SA’s five-year plan (2019-2024) is to reach 1 million vulnerable people daily. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we are setting up branches in each province. However, the devastating Covid-19 pandemic has created the catalyst for setting in motion a more escalated scaling up plan.

In June 2021 our Johannesburg branch moved to significantly larger premises in Isando, while our Durban branch moved to larger premises in July, to accommodate further growth in food distribution operations to a greater number of beneficiaries. Also, in July, we opened our sixth branch in Polokwane, Limpopo, and September saw the opening of our seventh branch in Bloemfontein, Free State.

FoodForward SA warehouse in Polokwane, Limpopo

Prior to the establishment of these branches, our Johannesburg branch undertook monthly trips to Limpopo and similarly, our Durban branch undertook monthly trips to the Free State, to provide nutritious food to our BOs (beneficiary organisations) at centralised locations. These trips are no longer necessary, as the new branches will provide for the BOs in their respective provinces and our Joburg and Durban branches can focus on the distribution of food to BOs in Gauteng and KZN, respectively.

FoodForward SA warehouse in Bloemfontein, Free State

The move to the bigger warehouse and opening two new branches in quick succession required the support of experts in the field of warehouse optimisation. Relog’s team of professionals worked closely with our Operations team to design a custom goods flow process for each of our warehouses. They created better inbound and outbound processes, designated sorting and storage processes, and suitable picking and packing locations. They were also responsible for liaising with third parties for the installation of our racking, to increase the number of storage locations.

We are grateful to Relog for their incredible support, high level of professionalism, and continued partnership as we expand our food distribution operations across South Africa to reach more vulnerable people and communities!

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