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Philip Morris International Boosts our Fleet

For millions of people residing in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal, the July civil unrest worsened the food insecurity crisis already heightened by the pandemic. While our Durban branch was looted and infrastructure either vandalised or stolen, thankfully our Johannesburg branch was spared. Philip Morris International (PMI) responded to the calls to support disaster relief efforts in Gauteng by sponsoring the costs to purchase a new 8-ton refrigerated truck boosting our Johannesburg branch’s fleet.

The truck will be used extensively for recovering surplus food donations from the distribution centres of our supply chain partners and transporting monthly food provisions to our BOs (beneficiary organisations) located far from our warehouse in Isando (e.g. Pretoria North). Moreover, the truck will be used to make inter-branch stock transfers to our Rustenburg and Polokwane branches when supply in those branches is low, and transport monthly food provisions to our BOs located in remote areas of Mpumalanga (e.g. Goba, a town situated close to the Mozambican border). The truck’s refrigeration capability means that we can transport perishable food such as fresh fruit and vegetables to these communities.

PMI has been a long-standing partner of our organisation including having previously partnered with FoodForward SA on our Mandela Day initiatives and provided funding which helped launch our food distribution footprint in Limpopo.

Thank you, PMI for your generous support and continued partnership towards meeting the SDG Goals!


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