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FoodForward SA releases 2020/2021 Annual Report

In our new Annual Report, we highlight the key activities and impact achieved during the financial year 1 March 2020 to 28 February 2021. The start of the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, catalyzed our accelerated scaling up plan. Months after launching a public food security appeal for R50 million, we scaled from operating in five provinces to serving vulnerable people in all nine provinces. We grew our beneficiary organisation (BO) population from 673 to nearly 1,000, with beneficiaries collectively reached increasing from 255,000 to 475,000.  

 Our tonnage increased from 5,115 to 7,215 tons and equivalent number of meals distributed rose from 20 million to 29 million meals, while the cost per meal remained steady at R0,85.  

We deepened our impact in rural communities and distributed more healthy, fresh produce to our beneficiaries. We also reached more vulnerable individuals at the household level. An independent research study by Impact Amplifier determined the social return of investment of our foodbanking model, i.e. for every R1 spent in pursuit of FFSA goals, R98,07 of social impact is generated.   Our Managing Director Andy Du Plessis ends off his Year in Review by stating, “It is important to recognise that our ability to respond swiftly to the huge food security crisis across South Africa was solely thanks to the thousands of generous corporate and individual donors who wanted to help and who felt assured that their funds would be used to reach the most vulnerable. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, shed jobs, and negatively impact our economy, our primary objective is to reach as many food-insecure people as we can, in innovative and cost-effective ways. Your continued partnership, in working towards this objective, is much appreciated.” 

Download FoodForward SA’s new Annual Report here.  

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