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Coronation Fund Managers Unlock 3,4 Million Meals

Valda Daniels of the Coronation Personal Investments Team and Wendy Bergsteedt, Coronation Group Head of Marketing, visited FoodForward SA’s Cape Town warehouse on 3 June and packed some of the 3,4 million meals Coronation Fund Managers donated.

During hard lockdown, and due to savings made on their catering budget, the company identified FoodForward SA as the recipient of a R1,5 million Covid-19 food security donation. Due to the record unemployment numbers exacerbating already severe economic hardship among the majority of our citizens, combined with the onset of the third wave, Coronation Fund Managers decided to donate another R1,5 million to FoodForward SA in 2021, bringing their total donation to R3 million.

Photo credit: Jurie Senekal

Says Wendy Bergsteedt, “Covid-19 is both a human tragedy and a socioeconomic crisis, with both the virus and the lockdowns causing untold human suffering and loss of lives and livelihoods. The hardest hit were poor communities who experienced sudden loss of mobility, employment and already stressed households were plunged further into poverty.  In a time of crisis, it is vital that all sectors of society combine their strengths and resources to alleviate suffering and find solutions. It is a privilege for Coronation Fund Managers to partner with FoodForward SA to make a major positive impact on our struggling communities.”

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