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Your Donation Helps the Aryan Benevolent Home

FFSA serves a network of 1000 registered beneficiary organisations. Of these, just under 10% are homes for the aged.

One of the organisations we support is the Aryan Benevolent Home (ABH) in Chatsworth (Durban), a registered non-profit organisation that provides services to more than 700 vulnerable persons daily. Established in 1921, ABH is almost a century old charitable organisation that provides succour on a 24-hour basis to the aged, frail, physically and mentally challenged, abused women and orphans.

Aryan Benevolent Home offers five facilities which include, among others, an aged-care facility in Glencoe and two children’s homes in Lenasia, Gauteng. They also manage an extensive nursing education programme. ABH provides a home and 750 000 meals per year to the aged, frail, orphaned and abused.

Says PR Officer Vanessa Reddy, “We receive food items from FoodForward SA and this has helped us save greatly on costs. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we are facing financial challenges and your consistent donations help us provide meals to our residents. We serve 750 000 meals per year and we are truly grateful to FoodForward SA’s support as you help us provide much-needed sustenance to our residents.”


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