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FoodForward SA Covid-19 Survivors: Their Stories

FoodForward SA has not been spared the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an attempt to de-stigmatise those who’ve been infected, two of our staff members gladly share their experiences.

Fayrene Langson, FoodForward SA Fund Development Administrator, tested positive in May. “I am first of all grateful to be able to share my story and inspire others in their fight against Covid-19.  My symptoms started as a simple cough, thinking it was a normal cold or flu as it is flu season. Little did I know that I contracted Covid-19,” says Langson.

“I experienced tiredness, coughing, sometimes body aches and thick phlegm on my chest. Some days I felt like I can take on the world. Other days I felt like I have been hit by a bus. I sometimes got frustrated as no cough syrups or medication worked. In the end, you just need to allow the virus to take its course and drink lots of vitamins and zinc tablets to strengthen your immune. I was really worried about the virus. I suffered from anxiety, especially at night. I woke up with my heart throbbing so fast as this virus got your mind in a spin and you just think of death.”

“Covid-19 don’t just attack your immune system; it attacks your mental state as well. I want people in any working environment to take responsibility for their health, to educate their family, children and friends. Break the stigma around this virus, and to stay positive. This virus has shaped my life. I appreciate every moment God has given me. This was my re-introduction to Him and also another chance at living life abundantly. Recovering from Covid-19 changed my thought process and my perspective on life. You learn to appreciate your family, friends and the small things in life even more.”

Deidre Adams, Fund Development Manager at FoodForward SA, was similarly shocked when she received her COVID-19 positive result in early June. Says Adams, “We had been obsessively careful about all the preventative measures. I was also very anxious about the possibility of infecting my loved ones. I’m very grateful that my symptoms were mostly mild. What’s been a huge positive is being able to support my friends and colleagues also going through this experience.” 

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