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Last year, FoodForward SA distributed 5,115 tons of food, providing recipients with 20 million meals. With the onset of COVID19 and the resulting Lockdown, we need to increase our impact and extend our distribution to reach millions more at risk communities and individuals across South Africa’s nine provinces.

With your help we can do it

Based on FoodForward SA’s robust and national distribution network, it is one of the few food redistribution agencies in the country that has the capacity to manage large-scale food distribution to remote corners of South Africa. Its’ cold-chain logistics capability collects surplus food from agriculture and retail partners, sorting this at its various warehouses across the country, and redistributing it via registered and vetted beneficiary organisations. The organisation’s FoodShare digital platform also seamlessly connects beneficiary organisations to major retail partners local stores, including Woolworths, Food Lover’s Market and Pick n Pay, to direct surplus food to those areas that need it most. Not only does this assist suppliers reduce their wastage, but they receive a Section 18a tax certificate for their donation. Plus, there is an invaluable environmental benefit: for every ton of food recovered by FoodForward SA, four tons of greenhouse gas emissions are saved from entering the atmosphere!

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