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Feat for Food Challenge

FoodForward SA has an active volunteer programme. Do you want to achieve a personal goal or a dream? A great way for you and/or your group to fulfil this ambition is by undertaking a Feat for Food or a fundraising effort that will make a positive social impact and in turn support FoodForward SA.

You can decide on any activity as your chosen feat, and get your family, friends and colleagues to support you. Your choice is limited only by your imagination, and provides an easy and exciting platform for you to help FoodForward SA provide nutritious meals to vulnerable people who would otherwise have gone hungry. Some great ideas for feats are cycling/running a race, hosting a cheese and wine evening, a weight loss challenge, auctioning an item, a swimming challenge or a cook-off perhaps.

The funds raised through your Feat will be channelled towards supporting our network of 670 beneficiary organisations that in turn reach over 255 000 needy beneficiaries daily. Should you wish to participate in a Feat for Food challenge on behalf of FoodForward SA, you can contact Fayrene Langston at .

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