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Hope Again Recovery Home (Mitchells Plain)

We recently visited Hope Again Recovery Home in Mitchells Plain, one of our 600 beneficiary organisations within our network. The home was founded in 2007 and is one of the many projects coordinated by the Mount Hope Ministries church under the leadership of Pastor Alfonso Schilder.

The home focuses on the rehabilitation and recovery of young men who have succumbed to alcohol and drug abuse, and accommodates approximately 30 residents at any given time.

The rehabilitation programme is facilitated over 6 months, with residents given the option to continue their rehabilitation after that period. The home focuses on 4 key areas that are aimed at improving the circumstances of their residents i.e. work ethics, communication, responsibility, and attitude and behaviour.

The residents receive daily counselling and rehabilitation sessions by the project facilitators and in-house social workers that helps them with their recovery and prepares them for re-integration into society. The residents’ extra-curricular activities include sport, board games and gardening that helps them to mentally cope with their addictions. The residents are each assigned a plant that they tend to for the duration of the programme, and this forges a culture of respect and care at the home.

Hope Again Recovery Home swells with gladness when they witness the vast improvement and progress as the recovering substance abusers experience a shift in mindset during the programme. This gives hope to these young men who grow in confidence and feel empowered to be fully integrated back into society.

The secretary of the home, Cecilia Jacobs says “FoodForward SA’s contribution has made an incredible impact on the day-to-day operations of Hope Again Recovery Home and enables us to comfortably feed 30 men with nutritious food during their period of rehabilitation. Thank you FoodForward SA for your generous contribution that makes a remarkable difference to the lives of these young men at our home. We are highly appreciative of FoodForward SA’s continual support, and our residents feel comforted by FoodForward SA’s love and care as they deal with the challenging nature of substance abuse rehabilitation.”




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