Skip to content launches new #BagAMeal initiative in partnership with FoodForward SA

With Human Rights Day approaching, we are really excited to announce the launch of a new partnership with Buyfresh, dedicated to helping alleviate hunger in South Africa. is an online marketplace that conveniently offers its customers quality meat, poultry and fish products delivered directly to their front doors. Helping South Africans eat better and live healthier is at the heart of what their business does, so this Human Rights Day, Buyfresh is harnessing what they do best to give back toward our shared vision of a South Africa without hunger.

Their new initiative is called #BagAMeal. For every order placed on their website online, Buyfresh donates us the cost of redistributing one meal on behalf of their customers.

Human Rights Day is all about celebrating what it means to be human and the rights that come with that humanity. At the forefront of all our rights is the right to life. The right to life is not possible without sufficient food to sustain us. So, thank you Buyfresh for helping secure South Africans’ right to food.

To get you on board with their new project, Buyfresh is offering all customers 10% off all orders this week when you enter the code BagAMeal at checkout.

Help to spread the word! Share a picture of your Buyfresh bag on Instagram or Facebook, tag, or use the #BagAMeal hashtag to get featured on their social media pages!

Let’s all do our bit to move South Africa forward!

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