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Philip Morris South Africa joins FoodForward SA’s Surplus Food Recovery Revolution

Phillip Morris South Africa is very committed to alleviating hunger and poverty in South Africa. The company recently donated to FoodForward SA’s efforts to boost its cost effective foodbanking model to reach more of the millions of people that are food insecure across South Africa.

“It made sense to partner with FoodForward SA, since their model is able to facilitate the delivery of one meal for just R0,79” says Ulreich Tromp, Phillip Morris Corporate Affairs director.

Some of the funds will be used to further develop FoodShare, FoodForward SA’s digital platform that virtually connects their beneficiary organisations with retail stores and food outlets, for the regular collection of surplus food. Funding will also be allocated to boost Second Harvest, our agri outreach programme to farmers and growers, to collect their fresh produce surplus and out of spec produce, and use this nutritious food to feed people that are food insecure.

“We are excited and very supportive of FoodForward SA’s forward-thinking approach to use surplus food in an innovative way, and using technology to reach more of our nation’s food insecure and vulnerable groups,” says Tromp.

Over 600 NPO’s that provide daily meals to 250,000 people collectively benefit from this food recovery model. Around 10 million tons are wasted or lost annually, costing the economy in excess of R60 billion. FoodForward SA’s foodbanking model recovers surplus food in the consumer goods supplier chain and distributes this food to charities that

FoodForward SA’s MD, Andy Du Plessis says “Around 14 million people in South Africa are food insecure and battle to access food daily. South Africa’s food security problem is widespread, complex, and requires social innovation and the use of technology to implement cost effective strategies that uses surplus food as a catalyst for social change.”

We would like to thank Phillip Morris South Africa for working with us to implement our vision of a South Africa without hunger.

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