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Comair joins in the revolution – striving to beat hunger in South Africa

During this Human Rights month, FoodForward SA would like to say thank you to Comair for its generous donation of R 250 000 towards addressing hunger in South Africa.

Comair is an aviation and travel company, offering scheduled and non-scheduled airline services within South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, as its main business, since 1946. The company operates under its low-fare airline brand,, as well as under the British Airways livery, as part of a license agreement. Its non-airline businesses include; SLOW, Comair Travel, Comair Training Centre (CTC), and Food Directions.

Comair is a committed corporate citizen and, together with its staff, endeavours to improve the lives of fellow South Africans. It also believes that social responsibility is a duty, privilege and obligation to help those less fortunate and to have a positive impact on society.

The donation to FoodForward SA by Comair translates into approximately 316 456 meals which will be distributed to hungry citizens through our beneficiary organisations across the country. The donation facilitated by Comair ensures that FoodForward SA is able to continue to provide food to those in need, working towards reaching more of the 14 million hungry South Africans.

FoodForward SA would like to thank Comair for making it possible for us to continue with our vision of reducing hunger in South Africa.


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