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Success with CHEP

Together with FoodForward SA, CHEP helped make Mandela Day a welcome success.

FoodForward SA wishes to thank CHEP for all their hard work and support during the 2017 Mandela Day initiative and onwards. As part of their Mandela Day commitment, CHEP provided close to 800 bins and numerous other items to assist with the event. Also, FoodForward SA has a no-fee account with CHEP, which is exceptionally helpful. “We are able to get pallets at any time at no charge to assist with operations,” says Khamil Hiraman, FoodForward SA Ops Manager.

CHEP has a sustainable business model, which allows them to create a share-and-re-use initiative that improves supply chains around the world. Through this initiative they manage to save 1.4 million trees. CHEP South Africa has been winning awards for reforestation, biodiversity conservation and sustainable employment for local communities.

The company is part of a global circular economy that collaborates with over 200 different businesses. To help the environment and improve their impact, CHEP spent time making their own operations more sustainable. They only use certified sources as raw material and have reduced their carbon emissions by 7.8% to a total of 14%.

CHEP is also part of a community that collaborates with over 100 foodbanks, volunteers more than 17,200 hours globally.

FoodForward SA is grateful for the ongoing support of such an environmentally-conscious and sustainability-driven partner like CHEP, and looks forward to working together with the company in the future.

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