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Abaphumeleli Home of Safety: Hope for those in need

Food Forward SA is lending its support to a pillar of hope, in a community that’s in desperate need of support.

The Abaphumeleli Home of Safety is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to housing orphaned children. It was founded by Evelyn Makasi, out of her home in 2003, as a way to strengthen her community.

The home provides a safe environment for children in need. “We currently house 36 children between the ages of new-born to 18 years,” she says.

The mission of the home is to provide a safe living situation for children and a nurturing environment. “Beyond that, we work to help our children develop strong academic and personal skills to grow into productive and successful young adults. We strive to accomplish this by working toward specific short-term and long-term goals,” Makasi adds.

Some of the goals that the children at Abaphumeleli work toward include reading, skills development, writing classes, mathematics courses, English literacy, and basic computer skills.

“We want to increase rates of school attendance and improve grades, but we also want to build a financially stable and sustainable organisation that can best care for current and future needs,” Makasi notes.

The home currently provides food seven days a week, four times a day, and Food Forward SA is lending helpful hand in ensuring none of the home’s children go hungry.

Abaphumeleli Home of Safety offers a safe, supportive, and nurturing home environment while also teaching personal values. With sustenance from Food Forward SA, they can provide ongoing academic support and tutoring as well as give emotional support and individual attention to children in need.

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