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Thari Mmelegi Orphanage, nurturing young minds with the help of FoodForward SA

Thari Mmelegi Orphanage stands as a pillar of hope – helping those in need – thanks to the support offered by FoodForward SA.

Thari Mmelegi Orphanage is based in Monakato Township, Rustenburg. Founded by Ms.Thabo Motaung in 2009, this safe haven has been caring and catering to needy and orphaned children in the community. Thari Mmelegi Orphanage provides shelter, food and emotional support to 68 orphaned and vulnerable children between the ages of 6 and 19.

During the school holidays they are able to provide these kids with a meal, three times a day, and two meals a day once schools reopen. This organisation ensures that children receive nutritious food so that they can concentrate better in school and achieve the grades they need to continue their education. They also assist children who need the support of a guardian to take responsibility for them receiving a good education.

Thari Mmelegi Orphanage is currently busy with a recycling project where they sell recycled items and use the proceeds to cover their operating expenses. They will also be starting a baking project where they will sell bread, cakes and biscuits to the community as well as start their own gardening project.

“The food donation has enabled us to provide nutritious meals to our beneficiaries as well as providing food to children who want to take food home for supper as they do not have enough food at home”, says a representative at the organisation.

Thanks to FoodForward SA, in partnership with Glencore, Thari Mmelegi Orphanage is making a profound impact on the community and these children in need.

2 thoughts on “Thari Mmelegi Orphanage, nurturing young minds with the help of FoodForward SA”

  1. Good day Sir
    I want to donate some staff that I do not use anymore to the children,because I know that the is some things they are running short of .
    If I donate some things during
    Please respond me with the location and contact information .

    1. Hi Koketso,

      Thank you for your email, kindly advise where you based to do a drop off at one of our warehouses.

      we appreciate your commitment in supporting the vulnerable.

      Fayrene Langson

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