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Omega Centre extend their reach with the help of FoodForward SA

Situated in Bellville and founded in 2009 by Ebeth Sylvia Pedro and Yvonne Thomas, Omega Centre is involved in volunteer work such as counselling, youth development, women’s empowerment and spiritual and pastoral services.

The organisation also run food and clothing projects for the needy in some of Western Cape’s disadvantaged communities like Khayelitsha, Valhalla Park, Mbekweni, Gugulethu, Mitchell’s Plain, Dunoon, Paarl and as far as Wesbank on the west coast.

The centre also provides food to crèches, churches, and youth centres. “With many of our learners we have seen an improvement in their results and focus in class as they don’t have to sit in class on an empty stomach or go out and work in the community whilst they are hungry”, says a representative at Omega Centre.

Omega Centre provides food parcels to beneficiaries of their Home and Community Based Care services, but isn’t limited to these areas, and currently assists anywhere on request from other NGO’s.

Omega Centre also runs a care-for-the-carer programme which provides counselling and food to its caregivers in need. The Happiness Feeding Club in Wesbank for pregnant moms, the ill and homeless families and children is also run by the Omega Centre.

Making a big difference

“All of the above initiatives in our communities have really had a significant impact on the lives of our beneficiaries,” says a representative. “Our services really make a big difference in the lives of those who receive our help.”

“We have been very privileged and fortunate to receive generous donations from FoodForward SA for the past two years,” says an Omega Centre representative. “It has helped us in such a wonderful way and through FoodForward SA’s support and donations we have been able to feed many hungry children and families.”

FoodForward SA is happy to provide ongoing support to their beneficiary organisations who shares a common goal of enriching the lives of disadvantaged South Africans.

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