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FoodForward SA and Shoprite #ActForChange

The partnership between FoodForward SA and Shoprite started in 2015, and has grown tremendously over the years through regular donations of food and funds used to support our efforts to feed hungry South Africans.

In an effort to enable the public to join the fight against hunger and give back to their communities, Shoprite and Checkers has selected FoodForward SA as the recipient of their #ActForChange campaign, an initiative aimed at raising funds for FoodForward SA and the work that we do to provide food to thousands of hungry South Africans every day.

#ActForChangeFund 2017

The #ActForChange initiative was started by Shoprite and Checkers to give shoppers an easy and responsible way to help vulnerable communities impacted by issues like food scarcity, droughts and floods. #ActForChange invited all customers to make a donation to FoodForward SA by adding R5 or more to their purchases at any Shoprite or Checkers cashier point across the country for their 2016 Christmas campaign.

From May until August 2017 Shoprite and Checkers customers can donate R5 or more at any till-point to help fight hunger in South Africa.

All the proceeds raised with our #ActforChange Fund will be donated to FoodForward SA – a non-profit organisation that feeds 250 000 South Africans every day.

Did you know?

More than 14 million South Africans go hungry every day. FoodForward SA assists 600 organisations who fight hunger every day.

One third of food produced in South Africa goes to waste. FoodForward SA helps to minimise this by partnering with organisations such as Shoprite to utilise their surplus food.

It costs FoodForward SA R0.86c to feed one person per day. Every R5 donated to the #ActForChangeFund will ensure one hungry person is fed for almost a week. A donation of R300 can feed someone for a year. This means each donation, even as little as R5, aids FoodForward SA to prepare and deliver healthy meals to over 250 000 people every day.

Customers who wish to make a donation can do so at any Shoprite or Checkers till point across South Africa.

FoodForward SA is grateful to have a partner such as Shoprite and Checkers who shares a common goal of enriching the lives of disadvantaged South Africans. A lot has been accomplished throughout the partnership and has many South Africans benefiting from its initiatives. This is just one of the ways we #ActForChange.

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