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Make Every Cent Count this World Hunger Day

Did you know that 14 million people in South Africa go hungry every day? Food Lover’s Market partners with FoodForward SA this World Hunger Day as we work towards a South Africa that is hunger free!

Chronic hunger persists when people lack the opportunity to earn enough income, to be educated and gain skills, to meet basic health needs and to have a voice in the decisions that affect their community. World Hunger Day is about raising awareness of chronic hunger and about celebrating the achievements of millions of people who are already taking actions to end their own hunger.

An apple a day

This May in support of World Hunger Day, in partnership with Tru-Cape and Food Lover’s Market, every time you buy a bag of Tru-Cape Apples, FoodForward SA will facilitate the provision of a meal to a person in need.

FoodForward SA partners with major food retailers and manufacturers to rescue edible food before it goes to waste. This food is distributed to the 600 beneficiary organisations we assist nationally. The donations facilitated by the partnership with Food Lover’s Market and Tru-Cape will go towards ensuring that FoodForward SA is able to continue to provide food to 250 000 people, as well as reaching more of the 14 million hungry South Africans.

A growing partnership

FoodForward SA works tirelessly to fulfill their vision of “A South Africa without hunger” and has facilitated the provision of 14 500 000 meals in the last year. We are proud to be in a longstanding partnership with Food Lover’s Market in the fight against hunger.

How you can help:

  • Buy a bag of Tru-Cape apples between 01 May and 28 May and contribute to feeding someone in need.
  • Share the love and spread the word about World Hunger Day using the hashtags #LoveMovement #WorldHungerDay #FoodForwardSA #HungerFreeSA #FoodLoversMarket #28May
  • Look at your local community and perhaps reach out to a family in need by offering basic food supplies.
  • Consider packing an extra sandwich for your kids school lunch, which can then be offered to a hungry friend at school.

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