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How Villa Crop Protection is ensuring FoodForward SA’s future

Villa Crop Protection, a leading supplier of alternative and cost-effective sources of crop protection products, has generously donated R100 000 towards the refurbishment of FoodForward SA’s cold storage. This helps us sustain our support of 250 000 of South Africa’s hungry.

With more than 250 product registrations and nearly 900 on-farm research and development trials conducted each year, the ISO-accredited company has a reputation for high quality and innovative products that help local growers achieve their goals.

A worthy pledge

Together with FoodForward SA fighting hunger is one of the key pillars of Villa’s strategy. Food Forward SA would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to Villa Crop Protection for partnering with us in this practical way by sponsoring the refurbishment costs of our walk-in fridges.

This pledge will benefit FoodForward SA and its beneficiaries in many ways:

  • Proper refrigeration means we can provide fresh food and ensure that each food item has a longer life span.
  • The refurbishment helped us create partnerships with suppliers, where access to the food is dependent on having an uninterrupted cold chain.
  • The donation allows us to improve support of 600 reliant Beneficiary Organisations.
  • The money that was saved has facilitated the provision of 92 592 meals to hungry South Africans.

Continuous support

With the support of Villa Crop Protection, FoodForward SA continues to enrich the lives of disadvantaged people in South Africa. Due to this donation FoodForward SA can reallocate funds to feeding those who can’t support themselves.

Thank you, Villa Crop Protection, for your support and assisting FoodForward SA in feeding even more hungry South Africans.

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