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Linde Material Handling SA intensifies its food rescue support

Donations from Linde Material Handling SA reduce operational costs for FoodForward SA, enabling the organisation to rescue more food and feed the disadvantaged across South Africa.

Feeding 250,000 people every year

3,450,000 kilograms of food is distributed annually by FoodForward SA to 250,000 people who need it most. This would not be possible without the help of our valued partner, Linde Material Handling SA.

The no fee rental of forklift trucks in Johannesburg and Cape Town and the 50% rental discount of the forklift truck in Durban by Linde, reduces the operational costs for FoodForward SA which helps FoodForward SA maximise its reach to the beneficiary organisations who rely on them for food and grocery items. The provision of the forklifts has made FoodForward SA’s operational objectives much more achievable and creates a safe and efficient work environment.

Adding value

With the support of Linde Material Handling SA, FoodForward SA continues to assist disadvantaged organisations that require the support, and through this intervention we continue to build a brighter future for South Africa.

Linde Material Handling SA provides ongoing support to FoodForward SA, which benefits us hugely we can continue to adequately serve more than 14,5 million meals annually to 600 beneficiary organisations, at the cost of R0,86 per meal.

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