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FoodForward SA partners with TSiBA Education

The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) was founded in 2004 by Adri Marais, Graham Lashbrooke, Gia Whitehead and Leigh Meinert.

TSiBA is a unique private institute that adopts a non-profit business model, which ignites opportunities for previously disadvantaged individuals. TSiBA ‘Pays It Forward’ by offering a full scholarship program to its students, without expecting anything in return. The mission of the organisation is to be an innovative learning community that graduates entrepreneurial leaders who ignite opportunity and social change.

TSiBA achieves its mission by providing its students with an opportunity to study high quality and accredited courses. The courses that are offered focuses on developing future entrepreneurs, business leaders as well as social change agents that will adopt the TSiBA philosophy of ‘Paying It Forward’.

TSiBA identified that there is a gap in the South African education system that promotes free and sustainable education. The harsh reality is that not everyone has access to a tertiary qualification, this problem stems from socio-economic constraints and the standards of basic education. TSiBA aims to fill the gap by providing educational opportunities by increasing the access to education, and as a result we will see a South Africa that promotes a free democracy as well as a brighter future.

With the help of FoodForward SA, TSiBA was able to provide more than 5, 000 nutritious meals over the past 6 months to both its campuses. The Cape Town campus provides it students with a breakfast every morning, while the Eden campus provides 3 meals a day, as many of their students reside on campus.

The partnership between FoodForward SA and TSiBA has made it possible to provide these disadvantaged students with a minimum of 1 meal per day. As a result of this initiative the students are more focused in class, giving them a better chance of completing their Bachelor’s degree.

Through the on-going support FoodForward SA provides, TSiBA is able to cut cost and invest this money into resources such as textbooks and improving the schools’ facilities.

FoodForward SA further assists TSiBA by allowing selected students to complete their internships at the organisation, the internship allows the graduates to gain hands on experience in their respective field of study, also allowing them to contribute positively to addressing the social issues that South Africa faces.

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